Say It Malta, was set up in 2009 with the intent of providing products and merchandising that would give the chance for something to be told, a message to be passed, especially in a world full of news and messages but often quite devoid of meaning. It started off as an online shop for such products as photo mugs, calendars, photo cushions etc. where the buyer was invited to participate as much as possible in the design of the product they would often be buying for their loved ones. As from the beginning, all proceeds from this entrepreneurial initiative were passed on to a social beneficiary.

In 2013 Sayit Malta took after five successful online years, widened its scope and grew into a brick and mortar shop in Paola Malta, that would serve as a printshop but also a fairtrade shop. Before long this tiny corner in Paola became a favourite spot for many who wanted to buy food or gifts that were fairly traded and thus had the added value of helping the farmers and craft persons that would have produced the gifts or crop that the food item was made of. During this time Sayitmalta became a co-operative society of workers and the Youtheme foundation was also set up, and would become the beneficiary of all the profits of the cooperative when the yearly balances were drawn. 

2015 saw the introduction of Sayit Publications, encouraged by some author friends of Sayit and the social initiatives it supported who wanted their publications to also support our work.

In 2018 Sayit also had a short but not so successful experience in the catering field where for a couple of years it also opened the SAY IT Fairtrade Cafe in Paola. Although greatly appreciated the financial and administrative burden of the Cafe where too much to carry for a small coop like ours. By 2020 the Cafe, Printshop and fairtrade shop had to be closed, and the decision was taken to relinquish the social enterprise and invest all our energies in the Youtheme Foundation in order to be able to continue our social initiatives. 

The work and efforts that were invested by so many during these 10 years were not however lost, many educational experiences were held through the means of the shops and the foundation, all the work of staff and volunteers resulted in many people being supported in their social and educational needs and the experience would not be lost. In fact while the co-operative is no longer in existence, the printshop was taken on by one of our staff members a creative mind that also delves in design and professional make-up. After some years, the fairtrade experience inspired the setting up of an online green and fair products shop, and the foundation still today continues to be a platform for young and young at heart to support social initiatives. in turn remains alive through the publications arm that supports authors who want to get their works published and use at least part of the proceeds to the benefit of a social initiative.